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29 Jan 2017

AT’s response to the Northcote Point consultation

So I submitted on this proposal for whatever they’re building on Queen Street in Northcote Point. Basically my previous post, but a more polite version. So a few weeks ago I got the feedback report in my inbox. And a distinct sense of déja vu.

Coming soon. *1

So the option with the double lane speed bump it is. Actually, nobody really wanted any of the 3 options, but as a politician would say, we have to do something.

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16 Nov 2016

What’s so special about those Link Buses?

Someone once told me that Ponsonby is about halfway from the city centre to Grafton.

Is it?


Yes it is:

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10 Nov 2016

Terrible craftsmanship: Queen Street, Northcote Point

Here we go again. This has been going on since a few years now. AT wants to do some roadworks to improve Queen Street for cyclists. And hopefully make it a bit less of the miserable wannabe arterial street it is now.

Coming soon on Queen Street?

If that image doesn’t give you the chills, you probably never cycled near one of these before.

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7 Aug 2016

Why is walking in Auckland so awkward?

Back when I started this blog I made this handy flyer to remind myself how you’re supposed to get around in Auckland.

A handy reminder

Things are improving, slowly, but they’re also coming from a deeper low than I first realised. There’s this deeply ingrained assumption everywhere that you normally drive, while walking is some obscure corner case not really worth catering for.

Let me count the ways walking is awkward around here:

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30 Jul 2016

Residential areas in Auckland, New Zealand versus Leuven, Belgium

New Zealanders and Belgians have quiet different ideas about what a run-of-the-mill residential area should look like. Of course the Belgian way is way better than the New Zealand way. And not just because I happen to be from Belgium.

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2 Jul 2016

Cottage for sale

This is the coolest auction of the year.

As seen on TradeMe

During my walk around Hobson Street I encountered those two little cottages between all those towers, as silent witnesses of a time when St. Matthew’s church was still dominating the skyline of Auckland. One of them is going under the hammer. They’re unique in Auckland, and not just because the somewhat surreal setting.

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26 Jun 2016

Let’s explore aerial photography: Auckland

Last time we looked around in Belgium, this time we will have Google Earth hoover over Auckland.

What’s so different between cities in Europe and Auckland? Auckland lies within what used to be the British Empire. Long story short, the British liked their cities Extra Large.

Auckland city

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