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26 Jun 2016

Let’s explore aerial photography: Auckland

Last time we looked around in Belgium, this time we will have Google Earth hoover over Auckland.

What’s so different between cities in Europe and Auckland? Auckland lies within what used to be the British Empire. Long story short, the British liked their cities Extra Large.

Auckland city

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14 Jun 2016

Let’s explore aerial photography: Belgium

Lots of people think I’m weird. I’m interested in weird things. I can spend way too much time on silly things. Like writing a blog nobody reads. “Normal” is overrated. It is often just a fancy synonym for “boring” anyway.

One of the particular things which can mesmerise me for hours are maps. New maps. Old maps. Old aerial photographs. Relief maps. Following how the streets and railways find the best way through areas with a lot of relief. And so on.

Today we have aerial photos, more specifically stills from Google Earth. Let’s have a look at what cities look like from above.

Brussels, centred around the Grand Place

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1 Jun 2016

Pedestrian improvements in ponsonby — Not too much please

A few months ago Auckland Transport did a consultation for some improvements on Ponsonby Road. Which is very welcome, as that road is at the moment just another miserable 6-lane highway (2 lanes are permanently used for parking) through the city.

Ponsonby road. Find the pedestrian crossing.

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